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Executive Office Information Technology
Investigation Administration Intake/Screening/PTI
Support Services Major Crimes Bureau
Toll Free Megan's Law Task Force
Appellate Narcotics and Criminal Enterprises Unit
Asbury Park Satellite Office Prosecution Support Bureau
Computer Crimes Unit Professional Responsibility & Bias Crime Bureau
Drug Court Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Bureau
Family Division Special Prosecutions Bureau
Trial Division Public Information Officer
Forfeiture Victim / Witness
Intelligence Forensics

Executive Office

Christopher Gramiccioni, Acting Prosecutor
Marc LeMieux, First Assistant Prosecutor
Lori Linskey, Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor
Steven Padula, Chief of Staff

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7522 Fax: (732) 409-3673

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Investigation Administration

Michael Pasterchick, Chief
Albert DeAngelis, Deputy Chief
Douglas Johnson, Captain (Criminal Investigations Section)
Natalie Zuppa, Captain (Special Investigations Section)

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7940 Fax: (732) 431-7015

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Administrative and Support Services

Donna Clark, Director
Rita Wilson, Assistant Chief Clerk

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7174 / Fax: (732) 845-0840

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Toll Free

Phone: 1 800/ 533-7443

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Public Information Officer

Charles Webster

Phone: (732) 431-7160 ext 7535
Fax: (732) 845-0840

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Mary Juliano, Director
Paul Heinzel, Senior Litigation Counsel
Monica do Outeiro, Assistant Prosecutor
Ian Brater, Assistant Prosecutor
Nicole Wallace, Assistant Prosecutor

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7154 / Fax: (732) 409-7549

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Asbury Park Satellite Office

Jeffrey Wilbert, Sergeant

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x4404 / Fax: (732) 988-4415

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Computer Crimes Unit

John Loughrey, Director
Margy Koping, Assistant Prosecutor
William Wei, Lieutenant

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x6729

Fax: (732) 683-8764 (Assistant Prosecutors)

Fax: (732) 780-2377 (Detectives)

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Drug Court

Byron Wambaugh, Assistant Prosecutor

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7275 Fax: (732) 409-4830

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Family Division

Laurie Gerhardt, Director
Joshua Detzky, Assistant Prosecutor
Ryan Lavender, Assistant Prosecutor
Caitlin Sidley, Assistant Prosecutor
Nicole Wallace, Assistant Prosecutor

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7182 Fax: (732) 866-3644

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Donna Morgan, Lieutenant
Shannon Kavanaugh, Sergeant

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7417 Fax: (732) 431-7059

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Carey Huff, Director

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x5820 Fax: (732) 780-6248

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Information Technology

Nick Trotta, Director

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7029 Fax: (732) 683-2178

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Intelligence Unit

Eric Singer, Sergeant

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x3737 Fax: (732) 431-7026

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Intake / Screening / PTI

Stacy Handler, Director
Kate Bycsek, Assistant Prosecutor (PIP Court)
Carol McConnell, Assistant Prosecutor (PTI)
S. Allan Stacy, Assistant Prosecutor (PIP Court)

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7349 Fax: (732) 845-0840

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Major Crimes Bureau

Thomas Huth, Director
Christopher Decker, Assistant Prosecutor
Jennifer Lipp, Assistant Prosecutor
Matthew Bogner, Assistant Prosecutor
Douglas Johnson, Captain
Brian Veprek, Lieutenant
John Dyott, Sergeant

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7920 Fax: (732) 845-2027

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Megan's Law Task Force

William Somers, Assistant Prosecutor

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x2034 Fax: (732) 577-5804

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Narcotics and Criminal Enterprises Unit

Christopher Matthews, Director
Paul Alexander, Assistant Prosecutor
Michael Costanzo, Assistant Prosecutor
Noah Heck, Assistant Prosecutor
Wesley Mayo, Jr., Lieutenant
Michael Meany, Lieutenant
Barry Dubrosky, Sergeant
Barry Graves, Sergeant
Todd Rue, Sergeant

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x2206 / Fax: (732) 751-2234 / Fax: (732) 919-2894

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Professional Responsibility & Bias Crime Bureau

Jacquelynn Seely, Director
Jeffrey Hughes, Lieutenant
Rocco Santorsola, Sergeant

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x8765 Fax: (732) 431-1594

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Prosecution Support Bureau

Paul Butkoff, Lieutenant
Stephen Kondrup, Sergeant

Phone: (732) 732/ 431-7160 x2210 Fax: (732) 866-3623

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Special Victims Bureau

Peter Boser, Director
Meghan Doyle, Assistant Prosecutor
Thomas Fichter, Assistant Prosecutor
Ellyn Rajfer, Assistant Prosecutor
William Somers, Assistant Prosecutor
James Scully, Lieutenant
Michael Magliozzo, Sergeant

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7731 Fax: (732) 780-7502

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Financial Crimes and Public Corruption Bureau

John Loughrey, Director
Melanie Falco, Assistant Prosecutor
Andrew Fried, Assistant Prosecutor
David Fritch, Assistant Prosecutor
Barbara Suppa, Assistant Prosecutor
Jason Clark, Lieutenant
Teresa Wilbert, Sergeant
Maria Reverendo, Sergeant

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x6595 Fax: (732) 866-0163

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Trial Division

Michael Wojciechowski, Director

Trial Team A

Maria Franceschini, Leader
Diane Aifer, Assistant Prosecutor
Emily Cartmell, Assistant Prosecutor
Lawrence Nelsen, Assistant Prosecutor
Merlin Thomas, Assistant Prosecutor

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7173 Fax: (732) 866-3623

Trial Team B

Hoda Soliman, Leader
Joseph Competello, Assistant Prosecutor
Jordan Williams, Assistant Prosecutor
Tara Wilson, Assistant Prosecutor
Danielle Zanzuccki, Assistant Prosecutor

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x8760 Fax: (732) 866-3623

Trial Team C

Sean Brennan, Leader
Julia Alonso, Assistant Prosecutor
Thomas Belsky, Assistant Prosecutor
Kate Butler, Assistant Prosecutor
Joseph Cummings, Assistant Prosecutor

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x7418 Fax: (732) 866-3623

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Victim / Witness Unit

Nancy Frankie, Director

Phone: (732) 431-7160 x6459 Fax: (732) 845-2005

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