Major Crimes Bureau


The Major Crimes Bureau of the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office encompasses the following units: Homicide Unit, Arson Unit; Cold Case Unit; Fatal Accident Unit; and, Robbery/Burglary Unit.

The Major Crimes Bureau is staffed by Assistant Prosecutors, one of whom who serves as the Director of the Major Crimes Bureau. The Assistant Prosecutors render legal decisions and prosecute criminal cases in Superior Court. Law enforcement personnel investigate the criminal investigations. A Lieutenant oversees the daily operation of the Major Crimes Bureau and is assisted by Detective Sergeants in that capacity. The detectives in this bureau participate in complex investigations and are often engaged in locating and interviewing witnesses; taking formal statements; preparing affidavits in support of search warrants and communication data warrants; preparing and conducting photographic lineups and all aspects of preparing a case for trail. Frequently, detectives from this bureau work cooperatively with law enforcement officers from municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies.


The Homicide Unit is responsible for investigating all homicides and suspicious deaths that occur within the County of Monmouth. This also includes the death of a person while in police custody and police involved shootings. The Unit is also responsible for the investigation of a person missing under circumstances, which appear suspicious. When requested by municipal police departments, the Unit sometimes assists in Attempted Murder/Aggravated Assault investigations, depending on the severity of injury inflicted and the complexity of the investigation.


The Arson Unit is responsible for investigating and determining the origin and cause of arson and arson related crimes within the County of Monmouth. These investigations include fires involving fatalities or seriously injured individuals; suspicious fires, fires which are repeated at the same location or where a series of fires indicates a pattern of arson activity, rapidly spreading fires, large scale fires, and an explosion where there is a detection of any incendiary/explosive devices as well as other criteria. The Arson Unit works closely with the Monmouth County Fire Marshal's Office, New Jersey State Police Arson & Bomb Unit and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.


The Cold Case unit is responsible for the investigation of all cold case homicides within the County of Monmouth.


The Fatal Accident Unit is responsible for investigating fatal and serious bodily injury motor vehicle accidents, which involve criminal recklessness within the County of Monmouth. The Fatal Accident Unit works closely with the Serious Collision Analysis Response Team (SCART). This is a ream of highly trained collision reconstruction specialists drawn from local police departments throughout Monmouth County.


The Robbery/Burglary Unit is responsible for assisting local police departments in high end robberies/burglaries within the County of Monmouth. The Robbery/Burglary Unit also assists municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies with the investigation of bank robberies, which occur in Monmouth County.


Major Crimes

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